Rental terms

General Booking and Cancellation Conditions

1. Making your reservation
A booking can both digitally via online form, be made in writing or by telephone and is for you and for Sea & Sun Holiday (hereinafter referred to as; SSH) binding, if the accommodation is available and is accepted by SSH.
2. Financial rules
a. After the booking of your chosen holiday home you will receive a booking confirmation/invoice. It will be 50% of the rent + 18 € booking fee within 14 days be deposited to the account of SSH, the remaining 50% of the rent + all the remaining cost will be paid at least 4 weeks prior to arrival.
b. When booking within 8 weeks before the date of arrival, you must pay the whole invoice amount within 14 days.
c. When booking within 1-3 weeks prior to the arrival date to pay directly the whole invoice amount.
d. Late payment can result in cancellation of the reservation.
e. € 25,- per booking administration fee brings SSH account.
f. Any costs for cash deposits are to be borne by the tenant.
g. Command causes the tenant through a booking agreement to these terms and conditions.
3. Rights and obligations landlord
a. Landlord undertakes the leased property at the agreed time clean and in good condition to make available to tenant.
b. Landlord are at all reasonable times tour or by prospective tenants do tour.
c. Any additional costs must be indicated on the rental contract in advance in writing.
4. Rights and obligations tenant
a. Tenant explains itself with location, decor and proper state of maintenance of the rented totally known.
b. Per holiday home is only the maximum number of people allowed as mentioned on the website. Also (small) children are regarded as persons. A group of people younger than 23 years is possible only with the written consent of the lessor.
c. Tenant may stay in the rented object do not more people than this lease is agreed, unless with the written permission of landlord. Beyond the use without the written consent of the stated number of guests, the contract is considered to be dissolved without any right to compensation.
d. Tenant will use the leased property as a good family man and it nicely inhabit, in accordance with the rules of procedure, which applies for the appropriate holiday home; in doing so, he connects all damage-with the exception of the dangers of fire by his actions, or negligence to the rented, the upholstery, the household goods to reimburse or otherwise arise, directly. The same applies for loss of any part of the leased property, the upholstery or the household goods. The stay in the holiday home is solely at your own risk.
e. At the holiday home is at the risk of the tenant. The tenant also takes the responsibility for his guests and family. The burden of proof lies with the tenant. All guests should observe the house rules.
f. The duty to pay compensation also applies to loss of home inventory and other objects belonging to the rent object.
g. Tenant States in possession of a third party insurance.
h. Tenant will keep the property clean and during his stay in a orderly fashion inhabit.
i. Tenant after the rental term holiday home with the inventory to deliver clean and in good condition. This is not the case, then the landlord is entitled to calculate additional charges.
j. A dog should only be brought back after the prior written consent of landlord. Other pets are not allowed.
k. Tenant will only use the rented as holiday home and in particular it does not pursue a profession or business. Tenant should the rented to third parties in rent or loan l. It is forbidden in the holiday home other apparatus for cooking or purposes washing to use than those provided therein by the landlord have been made or posted.
m. Tenant will, unless otherwise agreed, itself bring linens.
n. The renter is prohibited by making music or to cause noise pollution to the environment, especially between 22: 00 and 8: 00.
5. General provisions
a. The posting of the holiday home to tenant shall be effected by handing over the house keys.
b. The holiday home must be on the day of arrival be concerned no later than 20: 00, if no other arrangements have been made. Tenants who are not on time may come are required to notify the landlord in good time.
c. Any objections with regard to the holiday home must be immediately at the start of the rental period, but no later than 12 after rent beginning, with the landlord/owner to be included, in order that they may make a landlord in and if possible solve other immediately. After this time can no longer be done on a defect on the accommodation.
d. Landlord is not liable for the consequences of theft, accidents, property damage, or damage by tenant, except in case of debt at his side. Landlord can be held then shall not be delayed for compensation for harm, than those for which a normal multiple costs or third party insurance would provide coverage under these circumstances.
e. On the day of departure, the tenant has to leave the property by 10: 00 hours and has to leave broom clean, if not otherwise agreed. A precise time at least 2 days in advance you can speak with your landlord.
d. If the rent object during the rental period can be calculated extra cleaning costs are excessively polluted. 
6. Option right
a. Each booking you can within 8 days from the reservation date, undo. This you first have to report by telephone after which you enclose this by registered letter confirms the booking confirmation. You are at all times the reservation fees due.
b. In case of cancellation after these 8 days, the cancellation policy will remain in full force and effect (see point 7).
c. If booking within 8 weeks before the start of the rental period is this option right not in force and apply the normal cancellation policy under point 7.
7. Cancellation by renter
a. Cancellations must first be reported by phone to SSH and then confirm by registered letter to enclose the booking confirmation.
b. in case of cancellation after 8 days and up to three months before the start date of the rental period, 15% of the rental amount will be charged.
c. in case of cancellation between 3 months and one month before the start date of the rental period, 50% of the rental amount will be charged.
d. in case of cancellation between 1 month and 1 week before the start date of the rental period, 75% of the rental amount will be charged.
e. in case of cancellation less than a week before the start date of the rental period, 100% of the rental amount will be charged.
f. in addition, a cancellation the cancellation fee of € 28,-and the booking fee will be charged.
8. Changes made by the tenant
a. If you have already made in your booking would like to make a change, of any kind, then it gives you this right on SSH by. This change will be confirmed in writing by SSH. The associated costs are € 18,-. 
b. Changes in rental period and change of holiday home shall be construed as cancellations.
c. Changes concerning the tourist tax and optional books articles can no longer be deducted after departure.
9. Cancellation
a. SSH and landlord/owner is entitled to regard this contract as dissolved without notice of default or intervention of the right will be required:-as at the start of the rental period the full rental amount is not met;
-if tenant leaves the rented early;
-if tenant fails to involve the leased property on the day when the rental period begins before 20: 00, without written, telephone or digital media coverage, that he rented later during the rental period will involve;
-if the tenant obligations under this agreement and/or fails to comply with the rules of procedure.
b. Leaving the rented object does all rights to compensation or remuneration shall be extinguished.
c. In case of 'force majeure' (like for example pandemic, war, natural disasters, terrorism) the normal cancellation costs will apply.
10. Disputes
Written objections shall be in the working language of the holiday region or in English to be submitted at SSH and will be submitted to the homeowner. All disputes that may arise between the parties, and no different than judicial can be decided by a competent court, will be settled in Middelburg.
11. Other
a. SSH and the landlord shall not be liable for:
-theft, loss or damage in any way, which during or as a result of staying in a rental object being created;
-defective or not in operation equipment;
-discomfort or nuisance caused by third parties.
b. SSH is extremely careful with the accuracy of the information the landlord provide to us and compiling and disseminating. However, we cannot guarantee that the actual state equal to those listed here, by any changes over time.
c. For the General State of the rental object is the owner fully responsible.
d. SSH is not responsible for providing wrong information, and we assume no liability for damage that could possibly arise as a result.
e. Please note that décor and comfort of all holiday objects at least comply with the standard can areas of urban rural standards, but standards.
f. SSH is the mediator between tenant and landlord/owner.
g. If any of the conditions are not valid without exception, the other conditions remain valid.
h. It can happen that there are in the immediate vicinity of the property is being worked on, eg. road works or (ver-) construction activities. Landlord or SSH can not accept any responsibility or liability for any inconvenience this may cause.
i. The municipality of Veere required the landlord to lifting tourist tax (even babies) per night. The current amount on the website is per person per night.