Cancellation fund

Cancellation fund Sea & Sun Holiday

Participation in the cancellation fund of Sea & Sun Holiday prevents double bad luck; no holiday, but still a bill to pay, when a situation arises in which you have to cancel.

Important to know

A. Our cancellation fund offers coverage for the cancellation costs, from the day of booking. The coverage applies to the booker or accompanying person, when the vacation cannot take place, under article I mentioned conditions.
B. The price for our cancellation fund is 7% of the rental amount (basic rent price only).
C. When you want to take part in our cancellation fund, please say so immediately at the time of the booking. When you have booked already, it is no longer possible for you to participate in our cancellation fund.
D. Without participation in our cancellation fund the normal cancellation policy of Sea & Sun Holiday applies.

I. Coverage Cancellation fund

1. When suddenly identified serious illness, serious injury by accident or death of:
you, your partner, child, parent, parent-in-law or accompanying persons who would be staying in the same house with you.
2. For a medically necessary procedure of an accompanying person, that must take place unexpectedly.
3. Severe complications during pregnancy of an accompanying person.
4. Irrevocable divorce or the dissolution of a notarial logged registered partnership.
5. In every case a written cancellation and an official statement must be provided.
6. In the event of cancellation, the rental costs will be refunded with the exception of the costs for participation in the cancellation fund (7% of the basic rent), the booking costs of €25 and the cancellation costs á €28
7. force majeure (as well as terrorism, pandemic, war, etc.) is not covered by the cancellation fund.

II. Exclusion of cancellation Fund

1. When conditions other than mentioned above apply.
2. When false reasons and/or any other version of the facts are given.
3. For bookings made within 4 weeks before arrival date.
4. For early departure because of reasons mentioned above.

III. How do I claim from the cancellation Fund?

1. You report to Sea & Sun Holiday an occurrence, on the ground that this (possible) cancellation is intended, immediately until no later than 2 working days after this incident.
2. Oral reports must always be confirmed in writing.
3. In case of a report, the above mentioned conditions must apply, in order to be entitled to compensation.
4. In order to claim a valid cancellation fee from the fund, based on your participation in the cancellation Fund, a doctor's statement or in case 4 other official statement must always be presented.
5. The fee from the cancellation fund cannot exceed the amount you paid to Sea & Sun Holiday. In every case, the amount you have paid to the cancellation fund, the booking and handling and administration costs will be deducted.
6. Within 1 week after submitting an official statement release on your written confirmation of the cancellation, you will receive an answer to your application claim to receive compensation from the cancellation Fund. A possible payment will be made within 6 weeks after receiving and accepting all written confirmations.