Privacy terms

Privacy Statement SEA & SUN HOLIDAY (GDPR)

In this document we explain, on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), how we process personal information and how we protect that information.

We never provide and sell personal data to third parties without the consent of the owner.

Sea & Sun Holiday is responsible for the processing of personal data as set out in this privacy statement.

Personal data processing tenant

Sea & Sun Holiday processes personal data that the tenant fill in on the booking or contact form on our website or submit to us personally.

We process the following information from a tenant* for mediating and renting a holiday home:

  1. - First and last name
  2. - Address data
  3. - Phone number
  4. - Email address
  5. - Age adult and children (optional)
  6. - Surfing habits through Google Analytics (indirect)
  7. - IBAN and BIC (for refunding the deposit amount and any fees)

  • The owner/lessor** of the property will receive a copy of this rental agreement. With cleaning companies and other hired services by Sea & Sun Holiday we share only the last name.
  • After a payment is the IBAN number of the tenant in the booking system processes. This happened only for refunding the deposit and any fees.
  • The system runs on a secure server and processes the personal data to a rental agreement.
  • Sea & Sun Holiday does not process special and/or sensitive personal data***.


* A tenant is the person in whose name the lease is terminated. Data from travel companions be not requested with the exception of the age.

** An owner/lessor has the rental object owned and controls the rental via Sea & Sun Holiday. In some cases the owner rents are an object permanently to a lessor, that do business directly with Sea & Sun Holiday.

*** Special and sensitive personal data are: health, race, religion, criminal past.

Processing personal data owner

Sea & Sun Holiday processed following personal data that the owner/lessor himself fill in on rental agreement:

  • - First and last name
  • - Address data
  • - Phone number
  • - Email address
  • - IBAN number


Sea & Sun Holiday sent newsletters to tenants and owner/lessor after they have given permission. This is necessary in order to optimize our services, information on offers and promotions, to inform about future developments, services and products. In each newsletter, the possibility to unsubscribe from the mailing or to data to fit.

Purposes – legitimate interest of

Sea & Sun Holiday processes personal data to conclude an agreement with the tenants. At reflexive tenants can personal data easily from the booking program be used. All personal data are no longer stored than necessary. At the request a person can see, change, or delete his data. Google Analytics automatically removes the personal data after 3 years.

Processors agreement

To our services to perform accurate, we work together with other companies. Companies that process personal data of SSH we have processors agreement to ensure that the personal information they handle.
These companies are: Google Analytics (surfing habits), MailChimp (newsletter), ICT company (management network, booking tool, back-ups), Webmaster and Accountant (online accounting).

Contact details

Sea & Sun Holiday, Domburgseweg 87A, 4356BK oostkapelle, 0031 (0) 118-584453, Chamber of Commerce nr. 73561738.