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Here you will find important information about the properties, information about your holiday resort, general information, and much more ....

Blue flag:
As well as many years before a blue flag again in 2014 got Domburg.

When booking is in many cases also calculated a final cleaning extra. This in no way relieve you of the duty to leave your holiday accommodation broom clean. Final cleaning is carried out by the owner himself, or by a cleaning done, and consists of cleaning the entire holiday stay, including the inventory. If the holiday accommodation during your stay such contaminated, that extra cleaning costs are necessary, then this will be deducted from the deposit.

Despite all the efforts and concerns of the landlord and SSH, you may a justified complaint. This directly upon arrival to the landlord (owner or SSH) of time. The landlord should be given the opportunity to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. The landlord will do its best to resolve your complaint.

We are happy that we, despite the recurring annoyances, can offer also properties for dog owners.To be able to continue to do so, we ask your attention for the following: dogs are not allowed on the beds and on the seats of your holiday accommodation.Dogs may not their needs in the garden or on the terrace of your holiday accommodation do.Neighbors find it uncomfortable when your dog baying all day locked in the holiday accommodation.

Energy costs:
With many properties are extra energy costs calculated. Listed below are the costs for: gas, water, electricity and heating means. Orphan, also because of the environment, save energy consumption!

You can fish without a license anywhere on the coast. Bait and gear you buy from between westkapelle and zuiderduin.

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More and more properties have an internet connection. Usually this is a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) which is offered free.

In any self catering accommodation is a fully equipped kitchen for hands, and on the beds are pillows and duvets. In most cases, children's furniture (camping bed and highchair) free of charge (see the site for more information). When you need to bring linen, we mean underneath a duvet cover, pillow cover and bottom sheet.

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All properties are equipped with single duvets and pillows. If you have a holiday home has hired where bed linen is not included by default, we offer you the convenience to linen for hire. A standard package consists of a bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillow case. Price per set is € 9.50. If you are ordering the towels is the total price € 15.00 (2015).


Number of persons per stay:
The properties are divided into the allowed number of persons per stay, we mean all persons, including children and babies. The permitted number of persons should not be exceeded.
Without written permission is not allowing more than the indicated number of persons in the booking confirmation in the holiday accommodation to stay, even if the stay he will have more beds.
At an offense can the lease be terminated with immediate effect, without right to compensation.

News from Domburg:
At present (2015) there are no major road construction projects in Aagtekerke, Domburg and oostkapelle planned. We recommend the website of municipality to follow for current information. Projects can create traffic jams and noise in the cores lead. This may under no circumstances be held liable or SSH and the landlord be held responsible.


Parking in Domburg:
Parking (1 april to 31 October) can in the residential streets of Domburg with a parking permit, which can be bought only by inhabitants of Domburg. Almost all landlords offer this licence shall also be free to their guests to, when there is no private parking lot or driveway is available. This parking permit you need to be issued, or at your departure the accommodation can be stored for further use by the next guests. In Domburg standing at the edge of the village of 3 large free parking at your disposal (Irma I and II and at the Town Hall). In the cores Domburg, Veere and some parking lots at the dunes is paid parking. The other cores are free. A fine for illegal parking in 2015 can rise from ± € 60,-up to € 90!


Relax and chill:
Westkapelle is protected by an imposing embankment. Almost all the dyke is accessible to vehicles the part from the small lighthouse direction Domburg is called the Panorama Trail. Here you can fish, surfing, hiking, biking, relaxing, chilling out etc. If you have difficulty walking or don't feel like sand, then the Panorama Trail a real hotspot.Sea & Sun Holiday (SSH): SSH was founded in 2001 by Petra Lievense. What started with a small office at home in the J.W.Schuurmanstraat 73 in Domburg, has now become a serious player, impossible to imagine, in the verhuurbussiness on the head of Walcheren. Since the end of 2014 with a private Office at Domburgseweg 87A in oostkapelle.

We want you there that the decor of the properties, the stairs and the comfort of the accommodation meet the minimum national standards and can therefore differ from the comfort what you are used to at home. In General, the stairs in the Dutch houses and steeper than one in Germany (or other European countries) is used to. Check before you make a booking to the nature of the stairs, so someone with physical limitations in advance can think of.

Work in progress:
It can happen that there are in the immediate vicinity of the rented holiday accommodation being worked on, eg. road works or construction activities. Can the landlord and SSH in this case accept no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience this may cause.

Young people:
A group of youths or young adults under 23 years is allowed only with the written consent of the lessor.

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